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Our Strength


Deep Knowledge of Drones & related Ecosystems

A successful drone project requires a deep knowledge of whole market players. We know the world of drones and related ecosystems better than others.

Deep Knowledge of Drones Regulations

Drone regulations guide the development of every sustainable and lasting project with drones. Knowledge of regulations is the fundamental part of our business.

Our StartUp Services


Not enough know-how or experience to establish and run the project? Our experience is at your service!

Project Set Up

You don't know how to start your drones project? Let us to help you with the project set up!

Business Plan

Need to built your B.P. with strategy, costs, revenues, etc.? We are with you on this matter!

Project Management

Never managed a drones project? Don't worry we have a strong background!

Vendors Selection

Do you need help to select the right Drones vendors? We'll help you with this matter!

Regulation Compliance

Not familiar with drone regulatory? We can align your project to the drones regulation!

What else can we Do for You?
Take a look to our Added Value Services

Costs Optimization

Already launched your drones startup but the costs are an issue?
Don't worry we can help you to optimize your costs!

Project Crowdfunding

Is your drone project valid but you don't have enough funds?
Have you thought about crowdfunding? We can help you!

Business Assesment

Is your Business case not going as it should? Maybe your drone project needs a check!
We can do a check to put your project on track again!

Operations Mangement

Close to launch or just launched but the flight and/or the field operations are an issue?
We can manage your flight & field operations with confidence!

Vendors Management

Never managed drones vendors and they are a real daily headache for you? We have a strong background and it will be our pleasure to help you!

Aerial Data Valorization

Have you ever thought that the data captured by drones has an economic value?
We can help you develop a dedicated business model!

Immagine background tema Soledad
Immagine background tema Soledad

Why Choose Us


Best Practice Approach

Only an approach based on 360 degrees best practices can lead to a successful project. That's why we operate through a best practice approach.


Time 2 Market Driven

Time is a precious resource. This is why our operations is always guided by the Time 2 Market of the project.


Results Oriented

Effort without results is nothing. This is why our operational approach is always focused on results.

Our Pillars ...


Our competence, expertise and know-how are at your service to help you reach your goal.


The key to the success is the attention and follow-up on every aspect, even the smallest.

... for your success!

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Immagine background tema Soledad

StartUp Drones Projects

Drones for smart field surveys

Drones to fight pollution

Drones for sustainable environment

Have A Question? Ask Us

Please fill free to contact us and send your request. It will be our pleasure to answer you! Just fill in the boxes below and send us your query!

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