Our Journey

We are in the drone market since 2014 ... and our journey is still at the begin!


Our Vision

Technology always offers opportunities. It is up to us to capture and make successful business cases.


Our Mission

Every idea is worthy of being analyzed and evaluated! We help our clients make their idea a successful project!

Business Droni Startup

Our Core Values

Think Different

We look and think ahead always out of the box!

Customer Oriented

Customer targets and needs are our objectives!

Tuned with the market

Always connected with the drone industry and the related opportunities!

Our Strenght

Strenght Dronestartup

Deep knowledge of Drones & related Ecosystems

A successful drones project requires a deep knowledge of whole market players. We know the drone's and related ecosystems world much more and better than others.

Deep Knowledge of Drones Regulations

Drone regulations guide the development of every sustainable and lasting project with drones. Knowledge of regulations is the fundamental part of our business.