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Added Value Services: a step ahead towards the success!

A business must not only be created, but it must be developed and managed to make it grow.

For this we have developed a rich portfolio of value-added services to ensure that your business with drones develops and grows over time

Our value-added services cover aspects related to pre-startup phase - with crowdfunding to raise funds for your project - , to those related to business development and consolidation such as: cost optimization, consolidation or remodeling of the business, field operations, etc.

But not only this; we look to the future and we believe that the enhancement of aerial data, will be the new frontier of big data trough targeted projects with drones.

Added Value Services Droestartup

... a rich portfolio of five star services!

Crowdfunding - added value services dronestartup

Project Crowdfunding

Your idea about drones startup company is good but you don't have enough funds! Let us help you to support your project through the crowdfunding!

Costs Optimization - added value services dronestartup

Costs Optimization

Are your costs high and not in line with your initial business case? We can help you to optimize your costs to keep on track your drones project!

Buisness Assessment Dronestartup added value services

Business Assessment

Is your drone business going well but not as fast you wish? We can assess your business and find out the strength and weakness!

Drone Field Operations Added Value Services Dronestartup

Operation Management

Are the field and/or flight Operations complicated, boring, full of issues for you? With our experience we can manage your flight and/or field operations easily and if you need we can be the facilitator between, you and your customers!

Business reshaping dronestartup added value services

Vendors Management

Managing drone, payload or software suppliers requires technical, contractual and managerial knowledge. We have considerable experience in this field and can help or manage technology providers for you!

Aerial Data Valorization Added Value Services Dronestrtup

Aerial Data Valorization

Aerial data are the future of the drones projects and potentially are gold. The current strategies how to monetize are very weak. We have an idea about that and we can help you to valorize the aerial data acquired through your project!

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