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Copyright logo “DroneStartUp”

The “DroneStartUp” trademark and logo are pending registration at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic Development. Pursuant to the laws on intellectual property and counterfeiting, it is therefore explicitly forbidden to reproduce the “DroneStartUp” brand and logo in any shape, color and component.

The use in any form of the “DroneStartUp” trademark and logo, if not authorized in writing by the rightful owner, will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

DroneStartUp logo

Drone StartUp Logo


Legal Information

The owner of the website “www.dronestartup.net” has the right to modify, at its absolute and complete discretion, the contents, methods of access and structure of the site.

The contents of the site, the photos, unless otherwise specified, are the exclusive property of the author, and may be changed in whole or in part, or replaced at any time.

The holder disclaims as of now, any liability deriving from illegitimate, improper or incorrect use of the site and all contents.

The user of the website “www.dronestartup.netundertakes when connecting to the site not to:

  • carry out through the same illegal actions,
  • disseminate news and / or images with harmful content to third parties through the websites or that we have no connection with the topics covered by the “dronestartup.net” site,
  • transmit advertising material without prior written authorization from the author.

The owner of the site declines any responsibility for the transmission of computer viruses or otherwise harmful content on the user’s computer.

It is an explicit obligation to request prior and specific written authorization from the owner of the site “www.dronestartup.net” from anyone who wishes to create links to the site. The holder reserves the unquestionable right to refuse the connection request or to suspend the same, if active, at any time.

The owner of the site is not responsible for unavailability, interruptions, malfunctions and contents of external sites accessible through links on the sites themselves.

Anyone who accesses the website “www.dronestartup.net” fully accepts the above. Otherwise, he must break the link to the site.

All photos owned by DroneStartUp, shown on the website, are subject to copyright – Law 22 April 1941, n. 633 (LDA) and subsequent amendments -. It is therefore explicitly forbidden to reproduce them without the written authorization of the holder. Otherwise, the holder reserves the right to take legal action.

For authorizations regarding the use of photos and / or contents, send a request to: , specifying the nature of the request and the subject of the same.

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