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DroneStartUp thanks all the authors of the images & icons mentioned below for having contributed, with their creations, to enrich the visual content of the website.

Images taken from Soledad theme (free use)

soledad background image
Immagine background tema Soledad
Immagine background tema Soledad
Immagine background tema Soledad
Immagine background tema Soledad
Immagine background tema Soledad

Icons taken from Noun project website (thenounproject.com), free use with attribution (creative commons license) and used in the home page image


Drone camera by Adrien Coquet


Drone by mikicon


WiFy drone by kareemov1000

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Homepage image with the icons

Images taken from Pixabay website (pixaby.com) - Free for commercial use and without attribution request - (However mentioned)

Drone business startup company

Base image Author: Gábor Adonyi

Drone Business Startup

Author: Zan Andjic

Drone Startup Company

Author: inactive_account_ID_249

Business Droni Startup

Author: Florian Pircher

Drone business startup

Base image Author: LeeRosario

Multicopter Dronestartup Business

Author: Thomas Ehrhardt

Drone Startup Services

Base image Author: Gerd Altmann & modified by DroneStartUp

Drone Startup Services Project Management

Author: Pete Linforth

Drone startup services Project setup

Author: Gerd Altmann

Drone Startup Services Consulting

Author: Gerd Altmann

Drones Regulations Rules

Author: Gerd Altmann

Added Value Services Droestartup

Base image Author: Tayeb MEZAHDIA & modified by DroneStartUp

Aerial Data Valorization Added Value Services Dronestrtup

Author: seehotel-diekseepark

Drone Field Operations Added Value Services Dronestartup

Author: lukas bieri

Buisness Assessment Dronestartup added value services

Author: StartupStockPhotos

Crowdfunding - added value services dronestartup

Author: Comfreak

Costs Optimization - added value services dronestartup

Author: loufre

Business reshaping dronestartup added value services

Author: Free-Photos

Strenght Dronestartup

Author: NASA-Imagery

Added Value Services Dronestartup

Author: Arek Socha

Images made by DroneStartUp and linked websites

Drone Ecosystems Map

Author: DroneStartUp & 4mydrone.com

Drones Ecosystems ragmented enviroment

Author: DroneStartUp & 4mydrone.com

Regulatory Authorities Worldwide

Author: DroneStartUp

Drones Regulation Circle

Author: DroneStartUp