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by F.A.

The dronestartup.net site does not represent, even in its “Blog section”, a newspaper as it is updated without any periodicity. It cannot therefore be considered an editorial product pursuant to Italian law n ° 62 of 7.03.2001.

The author declines any responsibility for the use by third parties of the information contained on the site. The information, advice and content published in the Blog, although the result of the author’s knowledge and many years of experience, cannot have the chrism of absolute veracity and immutability over time.

The use of the images and icons used in the posts are for the sole purpose of facilitating the understanding of the associated content.

The images and / or icons, may have been created or reworked by the author, taken from the pixabay.com website (for free images for commercial use and without attribution request), taken from the websites of drone or service manufacturers or taken from specific sites. For all images and / or icons used on the site, each post indicates both the source of the image and its author-owner. In the Credits sections of the DroneStartUp site, you can find the source and author for each image in detail.

The author is not responsible for what is published by readers in the comments on each post. Comments deemed offensive or damaging to the image or repute of third parties, spam, racist or that contain personal data that do not comply with privacy regulations will therefore be deleted.

In the event that a reader considers an offensive comment, he can contact the administrator at this email by clicking on it: email (to) dronestartup.

The external links, which are opened from the pages of this site, are not under the control of the site itself, so the author declines all responsibility for possible malware or unreliability of such domains.

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