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Our strength: Knowledge of Drones & their Ecosystems

If you want to build a project based on drones you need to know that drones are only a small part of the game!

A successful drone startup has to know the players and select the best. You have to deal with a complex environment of related ecosystems that includes: spare parts, Accessories, Software for post-processing, App, and so on.

Unfortunately the world of drones is really fragmented and the same is for the related ecosystems.

Just to give you a flavor actually in the market there are more than 260 drone's manufactures around the world and thousands companies that provide drones services!

Drone Ecosystems Map
Source: Drone StartUp in joint venture with 4mydrone.com

We know the Arena

Drones Ecosystems ragmented enviroment
Source: Drone StartUp in joint venture with 4mydrone.com

Tuned with the market

Starting from 2014 we are doing our research, and we have selected, analyzed and classified the most reputable manufactures companies regarding:

- drones
- spare parts
- accessories
- software
- apps
- services providers.

We have fed our database, and keep it updated, registering new companies of this dynamic world.

Not only this, we have approached also the education world with drones to find out:

- apps to write coding for drones
- software and SDK do develop specific solutions
- drones for coding in order to test the code developed.

... in few words:
We know the environment ... We know the game ... We know the players!

Informed & Updated!

We have built and are maintaining the most updated DB about manufacturers of drones and ecosystems!

Linked to the industry!

We are always connected with the drones industry and the possible opportunities!

In touch with innovation!

We are constantly updated regarding the innovation about drones and ecosystems through our direct channels!

Have A Question? Ask Us

Please feel free to contact us and send your request. It will be our pleasure to answer you! Just fill in the boxes below and send us your query!

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