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DroneStartUp Services: a set of tools at your disposal!

Drone Startup Services

Transforming an idea, an intuition, into a successful project is certainly a stimulating and unique challenge.
Certainly a startup - which aims to offer innovative services and with a simple and lean business model - is the best solution.

But how to 'translate' all this into reality when it is necessary to amalgamate and manage technical, logistical, economic and managerial aspects, especially if you do not have all the skills and knowledge in the various fields?

DroneStartUp was created to fill in the gaps and make your drone project a reality. In fact, through our dedicated services of: consultancy, project setting, business analysis, project management, supplier management, compliance with drone regulations, etc. we help you to transform your idea into something unique and real.

We can do a lot for your drone project!

Drone Startup Services Consulting


We can provide E2E consulting for your drones project from the idea to the launch!

Drone startup services Project setup

Project Set Up

We can set up your entire drones project or simple set up the part where you need help!

Drone Startup Services Business Analysis

Business Plan

We can build the B.P. of your startup, for finance, business purpose and other.

Drone Startup Services Project Management

Project Management

Managing your drones project requires too much effort and you prefer to be focused only on one aspect? Let us manage it on your behalf!

Drone Ecosystems Map

Vendors Selection

To select the vendors of drones, payloads, software, requires know-how and experience. We have a strong track and background to help you on this task!

Drones Regulations Rules

Regulation Compliance

A drones project must be compliant with regulation! Leave us to keep your drones project aligned with regulatory requirements.

... and don't forget the Added Value Services!

Costs Optimization

Project Crowdfunding

Business Assessment

Added Value Services Dronestartup

Operations Management

Vendors Management

Aerial Data Valorization

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