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Our strength: Knowledge of Drones Regulation

Drones are aircraft! And as such must be treated, whether they are drones for leisure time or for carrying out professional activities. So, the drones' operation is subject to rules valid for airplanes, even if in reduced form.

A startup that has in its core business drones cannot fail to know national or international regulations regarding the use of drones.

Each country has its own regulation on drones. Some nations as such as those part of the European Community from 1st January 2021 will adopt a common regulations about drones (Implementing Regulation 947/2019).

Knowledge of the regulations and related obligations is therefore a fundamental aspect that must be known in every detail.

Our know-how allows us to support projects in different countries, based on our knowledge of national and international regulations on drone operations.

Regulatory Authorities Worldwide
Source: DroneStartUp

... but it is not only a matter of rules!

Drones Regulation Circle
Source: DroneStartUp


Appling the drones regulations is a matter of understanding, interaction and adaptation.

Drone operations must always fit the regulation requirements and for this reason the operations must be shaped according the rules.
Some operations with drones - beyond to be authorized when required - must always satisfy the safety requirements and the drones must be equipped with flight terminator and parachute if needed.

We know how to operate within safety and in compliance with the regulations; our know-how is at your disposal!

... in others words:
We can help you to keep your startup ...


We'll teach you to be always tuned with the latest version of the drone regulations national and international!


We'll guide you to be always aligned with the latest requirements of the drones regulation!


We'll setup-up the right environment - in terms of process and procedures - in order to be always operative!

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